Awning Cleaning


Your awning, like any other part of your home, commercial building, or storefront, gets dirty over time. But because it is often a focal point of the building, a dirty awning makes a poor first impression and looks unsightly. Awning cleaning should be done on a regular basis to present a professional appearance and improve curb appeal.

Understandably, you’ve got a lot to handle as the owner of a home or manager of a commercial building, and taking time to clean your awning may not be the most important priority on your schedule. That’s okay because awning cleaning by a professional cleaning company is recommended anyway since attempts to clean the awning yourself likely won’t be efficient.

Simply rinsing off the awning yourself with a hose won’t get rid of all the dirt and grime, and using power washing equipment without experience in cleaning awnings could result in damages to your awning.

This is why so many commercial buildings and homeowners rely on us to get the job done right. Using the right equipment and advanced cleaning solutions, our experienced team will effectively and safely remove all the dirt, pollution deposits, and natural debris that has ruined the look of your awning and make the awnings look new again.

Awnings cleaned on a regular basis not only makes them look great but also adds years to their life, since the dirt, when left untreated, can actually degrade the awning material. So professional awning cleaning is actually cost-effective preventative maintenance.

So save yourself money on costly repairs or the need to purchase new awnings in the future, and invest in regular professional awning cleaning now. Our awning cleaning services use a soft washing technique that delivers a more efficient clean, and specialty detergents designed to remove the toughest dirt and stains.

Serving commercial buildings and homeowners in the area and surrounding communities for many years, we take pride in helping your buildings to stand out and shine and will be happy to develop a custom cleaning schedule to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free estimate.